1/72 Scale news for September 2021.

1/72 Vehicles


To open fire for this new month, a heavy weighted kit by Vespid, Vespid – VS720006 – MAUS II Panzerkampfwagen German Super Heavy Tank based on the previous kit but adding some new parts and a new tooled turret. Worth it to mention than while Maus tank was a real thing even if a failed project, Maus II turret only existed on papers and none was produced. We expected this kit to be released by October-Novembere, hopefully on time for your Christmas gift.


For those who need a reliable seller before buy HLJ (Hobby Link Japan) will be stocking the latest 3R / Transform in October and is offering them as pre-order, we speak about 3R Model / Transform – TK 7008 – Stryker M1128 MGS and 3R Model / Transform – TK 7007 – Stryker M1296 Dragoon as well as the previously released 3R Model / Transform – TK 7004 – Mid East War Pickup (+ DShK) and 3R Model / Transform – TK 7005 – Mid East War Pickup (+ ZPU-2), about the models themselves they are having a good reception by community and not many complains.


This month First to Fight release goes for another H35 tank, this time a late version, First to Fight – 85 – Hotchkiss H35 (late version) In few weeks it should populate usual retailers, starting by Poland stores.


Although they are no expected till mid/late October, we have added the last batch of IBG announced models, all of them based on previous kits, as follows: IBG – 72085 – Diamond T 969 Wrecker with M2 Machine Gun (This totally a mix of two previous kits), IBG – 72091 – Type 4 Ke-Nu Japanese Light Tank (again, based on the previous IBG – 72088 – Type 95 Ha-Go Tank but also opening the door to a Type 97 tank in the future), IBG (The World At War) – WAW14 (W-014) – A10 MK.IA CS British Cruiser Tank and IBG – 72066 – Crusader Mk.I Close Support (British Cruiser Tank Mk.VI). We’ll update product descriptions as soon as more details are shared.


ACE is about to release this month a very nice ACE – 72459 – EBR-75 mod.1951 w/FL-11 Turret Wheeled tank, a French armoured car which introduced several innovation at the time. ACE – 72293 – 10,5cm leFH-16 Sfl. Auf Geschuetzpaner Mark.VI (e) has been discontinued by the brand and we updated it to out of production status.


Vespid shared images of a test build of their new and coming soon Vespid – VS720006 – MAUS II Panzerkampfwagen German Super Heavy Tank and some comparison so you can appreciate differences with “standard” Maus turret. Worth it to mention if you didn’t read our previous words this turret was planned but never built, there is no evidence of a single example.


Trumpeter keeps extending their T-10 Soviet Heavy tank options by adding Trumpeter – 07154 – T-10M, an improved production version of the T-10, fitted with new gun and machine guns, as well as night vision and NBQ protection. Kit is expected for next month.


Dragon Models confirms that finally Dragon – 7636 – Sd.Kfz. 142 StuG.III Ausf.B and Dragon – 7636 – Sd.Kfz. 142 StuG.III Ausf.B are out and ready to deliver to stores. Has been a long wait. Also some of the expected 3D printed details kits (3D PRO series) starts to have pre-order options, as Dragon – 7696 – Panther G Late Production w/Air Defense Armor and Dragon – 7697 – Panther G Steel Wheel w/IR Sights.

1/72 Figures


Mars surprises us with two new releases covering U.S. Army during WWII, focused on D-Day operations, as they are Mars – 72125 – U.S. Machine Gunners (D-Day) and Mars – 72126 – U.S. Rangers (D-Day). While poses and sculpture are good, moulding seems to not be so good, with some amount of flash and mould lines to remove.

1/72 Sci-Fi & Fantasy


It’s being a long time we don’t update the popular Japanese brand Kotobukiya and it’s not fair, so we are amending this today. To start by, we provide you the list of re-productions (as brand nomenclature) or just restocks and reprints of old products, that had happened or will happen, during 2021. Their most popular line in 1/72 scale is without doubt Zoids products so we start by those:
Kotobukiya – DPZ-10 – Dark Horn (Re-produced in January 2021)
Kotobukiya – RHI-3 – Command Wolf Repackage Ver. (Also re-produced in January 2021)
Kotobukiya – RZ-041 – Liger Zero Jager (Marking Plus version, re-produced in February 2021)
Kotobukiya – Beam Gatling Set (February 2021)
Kotobukiya – EZ-016 – Saber Tiger Marking Plus Ver. (February 2021)
Kotobukiya – CAS – Liger Zero Jager Unit New release, February 2021, has been updated to Marking plus ver. with new decal sheet, we have just updated the original Liger Zero Unit Product.
Kotobukiya – Iron Kong PK Re-production March 2021.
Kotobukiya – Liger Zero Schneider Marking Plus Ver. March 2021
Kotobukiya – EZ-049 – Berserk Fuhrer Repackage Ver. April 2021
Kotobukiya – RZ-041 – Liger Zero Panzer Marking Plus Ver. April 2021
Kotobukiya – RZ-001 – Gojulas Gunner May 2021 (Exclusive Kotobukiya store product)
Kotobukiya – EMZ-15 – Molga AA & Molga Carrier (Reissue) May 2021
Kotobukiya – Liger Zero Marking Plus Ver. May 2021
Kotobukiya – EZ-026 – Geno Saurer Repackage Ver. July 2021
Kotobukiya – RMZ-27 – Cannon Tortoise July 2021
Kotobukiya – EZ-049 – Sturm Tyrann July 2021
Kotobukiya – RZ-007 – Shield Liger DCS-J August 2021.

This is he list of what already happened, during this part of the years also some other models have been released as “new” while being updated to “Marking Plus” versions, which means they include a new and bigger decal sheet (as did with the Liger Zero Jager Unit listed above). Instead of add new products we have decided to update the original products to Marking Plus version, as the original one is probably not going to be reproduced again, since brand already showed in the past they are considering the Marking Plus as the standard version nowadays. Updated products are:
Kotobukiya – CAS: Liger Zero Schneider Unit (Updated to Marking Plus in March 2021)
Kotobukiya – CAS – Liger Zero Panzer Unit (Updated to Marking Plus in April 2021)
Kotobukiya – RZ-046 – Shadow Fox (Updated to Marking plus in May 2021)

In July a new model was released and so we added it today, Kotobukiya – EZ-036 – Death Stinger ZS , and update of the Death Stinger series with new colours and decal.

From now ahead, the list of the re-productions, updated to Marking Plus versions and new models expected for this month and the rest of the year.

Kotobukiya – RZ-028 – Blade Liger AB (October 2021)
Kotobukiya – EZ-035 – Lightning Saix Marking Plus Ver. (Re-production January 2022)

Two products will be updated to Marking Plus version, Godos and Liger Zero Empire Ver., we added new products for these: Kotobukiya – EZ-054 – LIGER ZERO EMPIRE Ver. MARKING PLUS Ver. (Expected for December 2021) and Kotobukiya – RZ-014 – GODOS Marking Plus Ver. (Expected for January 2022).

Expected for this September month, a new tooled Kotobukiya – EZ-027 – REV RAPTOR , base for other releases expected later this year, a Kotobukiya – ZOIDS CUSTOMIZE PARTS PILE BUNKER UNIT , expected for November this year, and the combination of both kits in the shape of Kotobukiya – EZ-027 – RAVEN RAPTOR which is also expected for November 2021.

The last two entries by now in the Zoids universe are for Kotobukiya – LIGER ZERO EMPIRE Ver. X UNIT (Expected for December 2021) and the full kit Kotobukiya – EZ-054 – LIGER ZERO X , a Liger Zero Empire ver. using the new X unit parts.

To finish with Kotobukiya quest by now, we are adding two new products from series that still we didn’t covered yet, but which are in our pipeline, they are Phantasy Star Online and Armored Core , both coming from video games world. The new additions are Kotobukiya – RAYLEONARD 03-AALIYAH SUPPLICE OPENING Ver. (Armored Core) released in January 2021 and Kotobukiya – A.I.S VEGA (Phantasy Star Online 2) expected for October 2021.


As we only have far future announces in other sections, we are travelling in the time to the past and adding the Armored Core line by Kotobukiya. The first model added is Kotobukiya – NX10 – GA GAN01 Sunshine-L (Armored Core), continuing with all the series as:

Kotobukiya – VI071 – UCR-10/L AGNI (Armored Core V)
Kotobukiya – NX01 – Armored Core – Rayleonard 03-AALIYAH
Kotobukiya – NX11 – GAN01-Sunshine-E Feedback (Armored Core)
Kotobukiya – NX02 – Interior Union Y01-Tellus (Armored Core)
Kotobukiya – NX07 – Rayleonard 04-Alicia Unsung
Kotobukiya – NX15 – BFF 063AN Ambient (Armored Core)
Kotobukiya – White Glint & V.O.B Set Movie Color Version
Kotobukiya – NX13 – Aspina X-Sobrero Fragile
Kotobukiya – AC013 – Nineball=Seraph
Kotobukiya – VI074 – KT-104/PERUN Hanged Man Rematch Ver.

The above list, is what we had almost ready to publish since years ago.. yes, we are so.. we are missing three products yet that will be added very shortly to complete the last stage range. The series was not updated since 2015, but this year one of the original products from Armored Core initial series has been re-produced by Kotobukiya. Maybe other products from the series will be back too. The original series released from 2005 ahead, still has much more products that we’ll try to recover one by one once we find time for it.

*Despite some of them are no longer part of Kotobukiya catalogue (note some of them were released 7 or more years ago) all of them are still available. It’s expected that eventually Kotobukiya will re-produce some of them.


Aoshima is about to release this month a new re-issue of the popular Sci-fi Mole kit based on Thunderbirds TV series from the 60s, Aoshima – 063156 – The Mole (Classic Thunderbird No.6), which curiously this year has been also released by AIP (Adventures in Plastic) who has been licensed with the full range of original Thunderbirds kits produced. Instead of add the AIP kit in a separate entry, you will find both under the same page.

1/72 Scale Ships


Just added Hobby Link Japan as reliable pre-order option for the new Fore Hobby – 1001 – Schnellboot S-38/1942, the popular Japanese store expects the kit for October this year.


A brand named “I Love Kits” takes over the Merit International range, not only the ships in 1/72 scale, but for what it worth it to us, these kits are now also available under this new brand, while Merit edition seems to out of production and gone. At this moment boxes shows same box art with new logo, and of course same content, so by now we are just adding search keys to these products so the new brand will be also listed in the marketplace section, instead of add new products.

1/72 Aircraft


MisterCraft seems to no longer updating either their store either their social media accounts, but new models keep appearing, well, new is a way to speak, as they come from a long way, as is the “new” MisterCraft – D-254 – Piper L-4H with floats, cheap models for those who want to take a challenge to build. And also the “new” MisterCraft – D-81 – UH-1H “See Rettung SAR” , which reproduces some past AeroPlast markings, but looks like moulds are coming from the long living Hasegawa kit.


Expected for mid/late October, IBG announced another PZL P.11 variant, time for the Romanian licensed build P.11f, IBG – 72521 – PZL/IAR P.11F.

Avis is offering three new kits, all of them for the Hawker Cygnet topic, in what we call, a full coverage of the topic. 2 aircrafts of this type were built, and during their life they used 3 different engines, and Avis has released one model for each of the engines. The kits are Avis – 72050 – Hawker Cygnet with Bristol Cherub III engine (the last engine they used), Avis – 72048 – Hawker Cygnet with ABS Skorpion Engine (one of the engines used initially in one of the two aircrafts) and Avis – 72044 – Hawker Cygnet with Anzani engine (the other engine initially used).

There is a fourth new model coming by Avis and expected shortly, and we also will add it shortly.


As advanced yesterday we conclude with Avis short future by adding today Avis – 72041 – Pemberton-Billing P.B.25 Scout.

Hobby 2000 will release this month three variants of the P-38 fighter, based on Dragon kit, with new decals and paint mask. The kits are Hobby 2000 – H2K72041 – P-38J Lightning Europe 1944, Hobby 2000 – H2K72042 – P-38J Lightning Pacific 1944 and Hobby 2000 – H2K72043 – P-38M Night Lightning. An excellent occasion to put your hands over the good Dragon kit with excellent new decals by Cartograf.

By their side, Arma Hobby is releasing a new kit based in their popular Hawker Hurricane, Arma Hobby – 70026 – Hurricane Mk I trop Western Desert.

And today we have one more by Arma Hobby, they are re-releasing their well considered TS-11 Iskra in the shape of Arma Hobby – 70010 – TS-11 Iskra bis DF Expert Set , a re-release with new decals of Arma Hobby – 70003 – TS-11 Iskra bis DF (Expert set). Note that code number 70010 was already scheduled in 2017 for a different Iskra variant which finally never was released. These kits moulds come from 2015-2016.


Airfix, the British factory, is about to release four new kits later this month, they all come from past releases, adding some new parts or just re-decaling. The kits are Airfix – A03092 – PZL LIM-5, Airfix – A08017B – BOEING B-17G FLYING FORTRESS, Airfix – A08021 – VICKERS WELLINGTON MK.II and Airfix – A11001A – VICKERS VALIANT B(PR)K.1.


Special Hobby unveils their offer for this new month, which includes three very nice new deals in 1/72 scale, based on previous kits, but adding interesting novelties. The kits in question are Special Hobby – 72451 – SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 Duo Pack & Book (A deluxe package with two kits and a book), Special Hobby – 72416 – Potez 25 B2 Polish Jupiter “Against the Tide” The Azur/FRROM and later Special Hobby Potez 25 kit in Polish service during 1939 campaign and updated with the Jupiter engine and Special Hobby – 72431 – Supermarine Sea Otter Mk.I/ASR Mk.II “Foreign Service” which add new markings to the excellent Otter kit.


Hobby 2000 put two more kits in the pipeline, based on Dragon Models kits, Hobby 2000 – 72051 – Arado Ar 234 C-3 w/ Ar E381 Julia and Hobby 2000 – 72050 – Arado Ar 234 C-3 w/ Bombentorpedo Initial Production.


The next two Phantom II models by Fine Molds are ready to hit market during next month, Fine Molds – FP47S – F-4D “The First MiG Ace” and Fine Molds – 72843 – F-4J “Marines”. Not without reason, the Phantom II range by Fine Molds are at this moment the best kits for this aircraft in 1/72 scale.


To finish for a while the Japanese brand Fine Molds, we have added today the last two accessories kits released by the brand, focused in increase the weapons payload available for their F-4 Phantom II series, Fine Molds – FP44 – U.S. Air-to-Air Missile Set #2 (’60s~’70s) and Fine Molds – FP45 – U.S. Aircraft Bomb Set (’60s~) where everything can be used on Phantoms and many other aircrafts, and specially focused into the Vietnam War period.

DoraWings finally has released the well announced Dora Wings – DW72027 – Republic P-43 Lancer , and excellent looking kit of a not very often depicted aircraft as the P-43 is. While not being a great fighter, their excellent ceil and long range characteristics made it ideal for many special and specific missions such reconnaissance and interception of some Japanese aircrafts.


AVI Models is about to release two new kits for the popular Cessna O-1 Bird Dog, adding 8 new makings to the already existing ones in the two previous releases by the brand. Parts and PE parts are the same than previous kits, so just new, but interesting, marking options. The kits are AVI Models – 72022 – L-19A Bird Dog – Korean War Top Brass Cab and AVI Models – 72023 – OE-1 Bird Dog MARINES – Korean & Vietnam War and retailers should start to offer them in the next weeks.


Amodel re-isssued not much ago their Amodel – 7232 – PZL 104 Wilga, since original kit released in the year 2000 was not in our listings, is a good time to add it. Despite the reissue, the kit is available in limited quantities.

AZ Model keeps exploiting their BF 109 moulds with 4 new releases devoted the E-1 variant, a total of 12 different markings for the type, covering from Spanish Civil war till Battle of Britain. The new releases are AZ Model – AZ7697 – Bf 109E-1 “JG.26”, AZ Model – AZ7802 – Bf 109E-1 “Legion Condor”, AZ Model – AZ7698 – Bf 109E-1 “JG.27” and AZ Model – AZ7801 – Bf 109E-1 “Polish Campaign”. Without enter in comparisons the AZ Model kit is a good kit, freshly tooled.

There are two more new releases by AZ Model but we’ll add them tomorrow.


As advanced yesterday, the other two releases by AZ Model are AZ Model – AZ7806 – Grumman Martlet Mk.I/G-36 and AZ Model – AZ7804 – Martlet Mk.I, which are re-issues with new decals of original moulds by AZ Model from year 2010.


Arsenal Model Group, better known as AMG, is re-releasing this year Arsenal Model Group (AMG) – 72413 – Messerschmitt Bf.109 V-7 Dübendorf 1937 updated with new decals. Since the original release of this code number was not in our database it’s a good moment to add it. Sadly the Ukrainian brand is hard to trace and hard to buy, since both production and distribution are very limited and they are no longer updating their website. Is amazing the large number of brand who has poor, none or outdated websites in 2021. We know they have been doing other releases late past year and this 2021, we’ll try to get their listing updated soon, if we are able to find information.

In our efforts to fill the gaps in the AMG listing, we have added Arsenal Model Group (AMG) – 72604 – Hawker Demon (Considered by many the best Hawker Demon you can have at this moment in 1/72 scale) and AMG – 72802 – Polikarpov R-5 Reconnaissance.

We still are aware of 4 more kits which are basically updates or re-decals of already added kits (2 Bf-109 and 2 R-5). And announced there was also a Hawker Hart which still isn’t available anywhere. We’ll back soon to AMG to add these pending kits. If they only updated their website things would be easier.

Updated box image for Hasegawa – 02385 – F/A-18F SUPER HORNET VFA-11 RED RIPPERS CAG 2013 , which is close to be released.