February 2023, 1/72 Scale news.

1/72 Aircraft kits


Sova-M has released a new edition of their popular Grumman HU-16 Albatross kit with a new and very exclusive marking that will delight Surf fans, SOVA-M – SVM72031 – G-111 Albatross. The kit is already available.

In the period since our last update Sova-M also has released another new kit based in an old model with new decal sheet, SOVA-M – SVM72041 – Beechcraft 1900D (C-FCMU).

The line of Beechraft 1900 1/72 kits developed by Sova-M has been released also under Amodel brand.


In the long time without updates by our side, Italeri only has released two models in 1/72 scale, and both are re-issues of past kits. Today we added the just released Italeri – 1466 – Ju 87 G-2 Kanonenvogel, which originally was released in 2001, and based on moulds developed in the mid 90s. This new issue includes a new decal sheet with four markings.

1/72 Vehicles


The second release by Italeri happened since our last update in September 2022, is an old ESCI kit, Italeri – 7079 – Sd.Kfz. 251/10, and till now, was the only ESCI Sd.Kfz.251 variant not released by Italeri, now the family is complete.

1/72 Figures


Just added the recently released batch of Mars figures based in previous releases by LW. Seems that LW is now out of production and work has been take over by Mars who in some cases has reworked the moulds adding new figures or sorting out the content and in others just reissue exactly same content. Past week we already added Mars – 72135 – Dacian Army which also belongs to this batch, and now we added seven more references as follows:

LW produced several others sets, so maybe eventually in the short future Mars will release more of this. The average quality of the batch is low, but still some interesting or just usable pieces hide in the old LW range and in the context of the every day less offer of 1/72 scale figures, almost any new release is welcome.

1/72 Sci-Fi


Updated box cover image for Wave – 074 – VF-171 EX Nightmare Plus EX (Alto Machine).


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