July 2022, 1/72 scale news.



Fly Models update their G.50 kit, with the release of Fly – 72049 – FIAT G.50 BIS/AS, new decals and new resin parts, the source is the Kora Models update below.

Kora Models add four new releases to their catalogue, all of them based in the kit Fly – 72046 – Fiat G.50 “Freccia” Italian Fighter Aircraft. The new four references are Kora – KPK72154 – Fiat G.50 Freccia Finnish Ski Service, Kora – KPK72156 – Fiat G.50BIS Freccia (Croatian Service), Kora – KPK72155 – Fiat G.50BIS/AS Freccia (Bombe Alari, Italian Fighter Bomber) and Kora – KPK72157 – Fiat G.50OR/N Freccia (Fiat G.50TER).


Added sprue pictures and box content pictures provided by Special Hobby to one of their latest releases, Special Hobby – 72458 – Junkers Ju 87D-5/N/D-8 “Night Attack Stukas”.

Updated the state of the art Great Wall Hobby (GWH) – L7209 – F-15E with GBU-39 SDB with definitive box image and new subtitle, Dual Roles Fighter w/new Targeting Pod & Ground Attack.


The recently released Revell – 03841 – F-15E Strike Eagle has been released in the U.S. Market by Revell-Monogram with code number 5995. If we confirm that it includes a different decal sheet we’ll add it’s own entry in the listings.


Italeri is releasing two kits in 1/72 scale this month, the first we added is and old known by ESCI, Italeri – 1236 – FRS.1 SEA HARRIER, with an updated box layout for this year 2022 Falklands (War) 40th Anniversary. The second release is the nice Italeri – 1441 – F-5A Freedom Fighter, which again comes from ESCI moulds tooled in the 80s.

Arma Hobby announces a new deluxe package for their excellent Hurricane Mk II set, enhanced with 3D printed parts, Arma Hobby – 70054 – Hurricane Mk II A/B/C “Dieppe” Deluxe Set, the set is not expected before mid August.


Updated Hasegawa – 02407 – MITSUBISHI G3M2/G3M3 TYPE 96 LAND ATTACK AIRCRAFT TYPE 22/23 MIHORO AIR CORPS with its definitive box cover and markings details.


Added sprue images to the coming RS Models – 92274 – Nakajima Ki-201 “Karyu”. Also updated RS Models – 92275 – Dornier Do 17 P “Ostfront” with markings details and a new box cover image, we are unsure of which one will be the definitive.


Added sprue images to Hobby Boss – 87256 – A-4M Skyhawk.


Expected for September, Hasegawa will release another F-35B, focused in an early test prototype with new parts, Hasegawa – 02412 – F-35 LIGHTNING II (TYPE B) PROTOTYPE.


Starting to work to add the next KP batch of releases expected for next month, we start by two limited editions based on AZ Model moulds, Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – CLK0007 – Messerschmitt Bf 109E-7 pilot SS-Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich and Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – CLK0006 – Supermarine Spitfire IXc pilot Sqd. Leader Johnny Plagis. To our eyes, the mixt is bit weird, by one side we don’t like to “commemorate” a marking for Reinhard Heydrich, one of the most despicable German Nazis, and the Johnny Plagis release, a RAF pilot who achieved fame and had his best moment during the defence of Malta in 1942, includes a marking dated 1944.

The next list, is much more interesting, a newly tooled Cessna 185 1/72 scale kit, with four releases which means 12 different markings to choose from, with both civilian and military options. Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0235 – Cessna U-17B Skywagon, Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0234 – Cessna C-185 Skywagon, Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0232 – Cessna C-180/185 Skywagon and Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0231 – Cessna U-17A Skywagon.

The batch is not finished here yet, another 8 releases will come, 4 and 4, which we’ll add tomorrow.

Added box content images to Clear Prop – CP72023 – I-16 Type 5 “in the sky of Spain”, also Clear Prop noted that kit Clear Prop – 72004 – Tu-143 Reys (ADVANCED KIT) is now officially out of production.


Continuing with the coming Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) batch of new releases, the brand also tooled a new Scottish Aviation Bulldog and initially offers four new releases with a total of 12 markings to choose from, Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0298 – S.A. Bulldog T.1 “RAF”, Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0299 – S.A. Bulldog T.1 “RAF Special”, Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0301 – S.A. Bulldog T.1 “Overseas services” and Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0300 – Sk 61 Bulldog “In Swedish Services”.


Sova-M is about to release an interesting Sova-M – 72039 – Bf-109W-2 (based on Bf 109G airframes), a design project never realized, which completes the Bf 109s float planes projects after Amodel – 7275 – Messerschmitt Bf-109W-1 (based on Bf 109F airframes). The Sova-M work seems to be much more detailed than the old Amodel.


The last part of the new batch of releases by Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) is a bit of disgusting surprise to us, we like the subject but is not a secret that Clear Prop is also working in the same subject, and we don’t like such kind of competence when the hobby is so badly damaged in our small but favourite scale, 1/72. The subject is no other than the Airco DH.9A (or the Soviet copy Polikarpov R-1). The four KP releases, with 12 markings to choose from (thought we would have like more exotic subjects than 9 RAF markings), are Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0311 – Airco DH-9A “RAF”, Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0312 – Airco DH-9A “Silver wings”, Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0313 – Polikarpov R-1 and Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0310 – Airco DH-9A “At war”. Though we love KP models, our recommendation with little chance of be wrong, is to wait for the Clear Prop model, if you are looking for the excellence. The best option, one of each and compare.


Airfix is about to release a summer batch that will include several kits, some of them already listed as Airfix – A04050A – BAe Harrier GR7a/GR9 (updated to definitive box image) or Airfix – A02033A – Supermarine Spitfire F.22, and two new additions, a vintage classic return, Airfix – A02025V – Beagle Basset 206 and a new decals in the Airfix – A02047A – North American F-51D Mustang release. The brand only precissed they are summer 2022 releases, so they should appear soon.

Also expected in the Airfix batch, Airfix – A05010A – Dornier Do.17z, a re-decal of the A05010 kit.

Together with the large batch of novelties by KP introduced in previous days, the brand is re-releasing their LVG (Luft-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft) C.VI kits, Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0071 – LVG C.VI “Cz, USSR”, Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0072 – LVG C.VI (German Air Force) and Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0073 – LVG C.VI (Lithuanian Air Force).


Next month Eduard will be re-releasing Eduard – 70141 – MiG-21MF interceptor (Profipack), which according to our searches still was pretty available.

Together with the MiG-21MF re-release, Eduard repacks again the excellent Hasegawa – 00546 (E16) – B-25J Mitchell U.S. Army Air Force Bomber in a new limited edition, Eduard – 2139 – GUNN’s BUNNY, similar to the not much ago released Eduard – 2140 – ANGEL OF MERCY.

In the next batch of releases by KP, the brand is also including several re-releases or re-stocks, as we stated above in previous days. Today we added Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0070 – MiG-23MLD “Afghan Warrior” which is expected to be widely available soon again. As the kit was not part of our listings we labelled it as “Future release”.



Dragon keeps reworking some of their range using 3D printed new parts and announced Dragon – 7619 – AAVP7A1 RAM/RS w/Interior.

First to Fight announces the next model in the series with little detail yet, First to Fight – 092 – Two-horse carriage for Bofors 37 mm wz.36


Zvezda is about to release Zvezda – 5069 – SA-22 Greyhound Russian Self-propelled Anti-Aircraft System Pantsir-S1.


ACE just released a new model, the super heavy gun ACE – 72560 – Soviet 152 mm gun m.1935 BR-2, already on sale by Ukrainian sellers. ACE also updated that ACE – 72223 – 7.5 cm Pak 97/38 is out of production now.


Added sprues pictures for the coming Zvezda – 5069 – SA-22 Greyhound Russian Self-propelled Anti-Aircraft System Pantsir-S1.


Updated Hobby Boss – 82939 – Soviet (9P117M1) Launcher with R17 Rocket of 9K72 Missile Complex “Elbrus”(Scud B) with sprue pictures and built sample model.

Excellent news as Revell is re-releasing two ex MACO kits in one release, Revell – 03293 – sWS with Flak 43 and Sd.Ah.58 Ammo Trailer.


Hasegawa will offer in September a new combo box Hasegawa – 30067 – TIGER I & PANTHER G GERMAN ARMY MAIN BATTLE TANK COMBO, sadly the kits offer the same single piece vinyl tracks.


Trumpeter adds a new model expected soon, Trumpeter – 07401 – German Fennek LGS – Dutch Version. And more news will come soon from both Trumpeter and Hobby Boss shortly. Also added sprue images to Trumpeter – 07179 – Russian 9P113 TEL w/9M21 Rocket of 9K52 Luna-M Short-range artillery rocket system (FROG-7).


Dragon announces a new refurbish of their initial Bradley (year 2003) release this time with 3D printed parts for the interior detail as Dragon – 7414 – M2A2 ODS Bradley w/Interior



We took a close look to one of the latest Mars releases, Mars – 72128 – German Panzerjagers WWII, a set that will not disappoint to the many fans of the German infantry plastic soldiers. We added high resolution close up pictures that allow to judge by yourself what are you getting.


Linear-A always has a long pipeline of projects but two sets has been updated recently and may be close to release. We added to our listings Linear-A – 038 – Rome’s early period The Roman Army under King Servius Tullius 6th Century BC Set 1 and Linear-A – 051 – Peloponnesian War Sicilian Expedition 415-413 BC Set 1.


Added high resolution pictures to Red Box – 72096 – Spanish Infantry. Set 1. 16 century , a very recommendable set, all the thrilogy is, if you have interest in the XV century.



Beaver Corporation in cooperation with Takom, announces a new battleship turret in 1/72 scale, Takom/Beaver Corporation – BELT72001 – Japanese Battleship Super Yamato 51cm Gun Main Turret No.1. The Super Yamato class never left design phase, and as far as we heard, without be experts, documents were lost before the end of the war, so kit design is just pure conjecture.

Sci-Fi & Anime


Bandai keep extending the  Kyoukai Senki (AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline) range and we added three new models already available:


Good news for European customer with interest in the Waltersons/Forces of Valor range, Super-Hobby has stocked all the available range:


Back to our Matchbox quest, we added today Matchbox – 40028 – North American F-86 Sabre and Matchbox – PK-32 (40032) – North American F-86A Sabre as well as Matchbox – 40411 – North American B-25 Mitchell and Matchbox – PK-405 – B-25H/J Mitchell, pair by pair the pending list is not so big already.


A pair more into the Matchbox list, Matchbox – 40139 – Panavia Tornado F.3 RSAF and Matchbox – PK-130 (40130) – Panavia Tornado F. Mk 3, both pretty hard to find kits.


Today a trio in the Matchbox lists, the Northrop F-5s sets, Matchbox – PK-12 – Northrop F-5A, Matchbox – PK-39 – Northrop F-5B and Matchbox – 40006 – Northrop CF 116 (F-5B).


The last batch of new IBG models is officially released now:


The Matchbox quest is close to end, today we just added Matchbox – PK-33 – SAAB Tunnan (SAAB J-29F) and less than 20 references remain to complete the quest.

Two more added to the Matchbox list, Matchbox – PK-105 (40105) – Supermarine Walrus (Walrus Mk-1) and Matchbox – PK-601 – Supermarine Stranraer.


Two more, Matchbox – 40136 – Westland Wessex HU. 5 and Matchbox – PK-133 (40133) – Westland Wessex HU 5/HAS 31.


Another pair of Matchbox references just added, Matchbox – PK-2 – Spitfire Mk.IX and Matchbox – PK-50 (40050) – Spitfire Mk.XVI/IX, a kit that we can only recommend for Collectors and nostalgic hobbyists . The original PK-2 at least is easy to build, also for beginners.


A new trio of Matchbox references, Matchbox – PK-102 – BAC Jaguar GR.1 (B.A.C. ‘S’ Jaguar), Matchbox – PK-128 (40128) – BAe Jaguar T.Mk2 and Matchbox – 40107 – Sepecat Jaguar T2.


One more trio of Matchbox references, Matchbox – 40151 – Saab SK 37 Viggen, Matchbox – PK-131 – SaaB VIGGEN SK.37. and Matchbox – PK-119 – SAAB Viggen, some of the better Matchbox works and harder to find kits nowadays in their range.

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