April 2021, 1/72 scale news.

Site has suffered several changes during last weeks, the most important one is that now Ebay links will not redirect you automatically to your Ebay site as they used to do, this is a change introduced by Ebay, not us, so now we encourage you to select the correct/language country from language menu in order to get results available for your country. We are actively working to include more languages/countries but at this time we have what we have, and can’t do more for a while.

1/72 scale vehicles

The announced ACE – 72447 – AMX-13 DCA twin 30mm AA version has entered production status and will reach distributors and retailers shortly. It’s a nice addition since Heller kit for the same topic, see Heller – 192 – AMX13 AA Bi-tubes, has not been re-issued in decades.


Added markings detail pictures for the coming MAC Distribution – 72140 – German Light Truck M 206


Revell puts several kits in the pipeline for next weeks/months, Revell – 03299 – Sherman Firefly (First Diorama Set) 1/76 scale. re-release of an original Matchbox 1/76 kit, this time in the format of a model set with glue, paints and brush, in a new series entitled First Diorama Set, as well as Revell – 03298 – Sd.Kfz. 234/2 Puma (First Diorama Set). Also re-releasing Revell – 03290 – Sherman M4A1 , a Matchbox-Revell kit of the 90s, issuing and interesting decal marking but according to our sources, inaccurate for the kit, in an already not very accurate kit.


Hasegawa has released a new version of the Rosenbauer Panther 6×6 fire engine, including decals for British Stanton Airport (London) and Belgium Air Force, Hasegawa – SP486 – ROSENBAUER PANTHER 6X6 Airport Crash Tender “World Panther”

UM (UniModel) put two new kits in the pipeline, expected in the following weeks, based on previous developments by the brand, UM – 484 – Reconnaissance Tank on Bergepanzer 38 chassis. and UM – 276 – Pz Kpfw III Ausf.M Flame Tank


Airfix will release several starter sets or gift sets based on the new two models released past year, Sherman Firefly and Tiger I, including a double box with both, and so we add by now Airfix – A55003 – Sherman Firefly (Starter Set). As we was reviewing the large list of Airfix kit labelled as in stock or out of stock this week, we found we missed in the past Airfix – A55117 – Willys MB Jeep (Starter Set) which have been added now.


Revisiting PST , we found two new kits to add, PST – 72087 – BM-13 Rocket Launcher “Katjusha” (Chevrolet G-7117) and a topic that couldn’t be more contemporary this year than PST – 72088 – Mobile medical laboratory ANTICOViD’19 on the MAZ-543M. Both kits are based on previous releases by the brand.

UMMT is about to release a new full Soviet Armored Train, UMMT – 690 – Armored train of type BP-42 , consisting of locomotive and four wagons, two flak and two artillery. East Europe sellers are already offering it.

Dragon is re-stocking Dragon – 7497 – PzKpfw. IV Ausf. H as well as Dragon – 7305 – Sherman M4A2 75mm, Tarawa USMC PTO , note that they are not being upgraded and keep their original one piece tracks.

Mirage Hobby launches a new “M3A3”, we lost the count of how many variants they did already. Mirage Hobby – 726066 – Le Debarquement de Normandie Light Tank M3A3 , with an exhaustive 6 markings decal sheet for the 12th Regiment of Chasseurs of Africa of the 2nd Armoured Division of the Free France forces, under General Leclerc command.


Dragon put three more kits in the pipeline, they are being quite unpredictable about when novelties are finally available so we are not sure when they will be available. The new announces are Dragon – 7368 – Gruppe Fuhrmann Tiger I (Sd.Kfz.181 Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.E) (with a single marking decal not of our taste) and two variants of the Australian Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle, Dragon – 7699 – Bushmaster Protected Mobility Vehicle and Dragon – 7701 – SAS Bushmaster.

1/72 Scale Aircraft

Amodel bring us a new Soviet Atomic bomb, Amodel – NA72004 – RDS-4 “Tatyana” , already released and available mainly from Ukrainian sellers.

SOVA-M is releasing a new Grumman HU-16 Albatross flying boat variant, Sova-M – 72027 – HU-16B Albatross based on their previous word. Package includes canopy painting masks. some Ukrainian sellers/stores are already offering the model.

AZ Model is back with 4 new Messerschmitt Bf 109 variants as follow:
AZ Model – AZ7683 – Bf 109E-7/B JaBo “ZG.1”
AZ Model – AZ7682 – Bf 109E-4 “Aces over Channel”
AZ Model – AZ7676 – Bf 109E-3/7 “Special Markings”
AZ Model – AZ7665 – Bf 109E-3 “Sitzkrieg 1939”
And a Spitfire re-issue, AZ Model – AZ7604 – Spitfire F.Mk.14e “Lacey”. We still expect more by this brand before the end of the month.

Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) which is close to release a large batch, has released by now a new Avia S-199 Kovozávody – KPM0217 – Avia S-199 “Sakin”.

Eduard releases this month a deluxe package for their both MiG-21 PF & PFM Eduard – 2134 – Stříbrné šípy (Silver arrows) including everything you need to finish two exquisite planes, colored PE parts, resin detail parts, masking paint and decals for just 16 different markings, 8 for each.
They are also re-releasing Eduard – 7097 – Z-37A Čmelák (Profipack) probably because previously release was affected by the fire in their warehouse. We don’t see any different with previous release on the pictures provided, but box has been changed a bit.


Hobby 2000 will be releasing 4 new repacks during this month, this time all of them are Hasegawa kits:
Hobby 2000 – H2K72049 – Heinkel He-111 H-3 Eastern Front 1941
Hobby 2000 – H2K72048 – Heinkel He-111 H-2/H-3 Western Front 1940
Hobby 2000 – H2K72044 – F-111 D/F Aardvark
Hobby 2000 – H2K72038 – F-111F Operation “Desert Storm”
Sadly, both Heinkel does not include paint masks.

Great Wall Hobby backs with a new F-14 kit, Great Wall Hobby (GWH) – GWHL7208 – F-14B “Bombcat”, some european distributors doesn’t expect it till early summer, but Chinese sellers are already offering it, so if you can wait for a long shipping time, it can be yours today.


Italeri is re-issuing this month Italeri – 1452 – North American F-51D Mustang Korean War , it’s the 9th or 10th Italeri re-release this kit. This time changing decals.

Recovered a missed entry by Revell, Revell – 04469 – RAH-66 ATTACK HELICOPTER, and original Italeri kit, also released by Tamiya.

Airfix puts in the pipeline a double box for the next months, Airfix – A50187 – Supermarine Spitfire & RAF Red Arrows Hawk (Best of British), a very patriotic release (at least the name of the series). Interesting also that Airfix main web offers option for UK or US visitors (and no more). Looks like Airfix takes very serious about Brexit.


Special Hobby make official the next two releases by the brand, Special Hobby – 72447 – Harvard Mk.II/IIA/IIB “The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan” , using Academy plastic parts with new canopies and decals, and Special Hobby – 72433 – SIAI-Marchetti SF-260EA/D/EU ” Late Bulged Canopy Type” , using the previous released model by the brand but adding also a new canopy and decals.


Added a batch of coming Revell kits, such Revell – 63844 – Lockheed Martin F-16D Tigermeet 2014 (Model set) , with glue, paints and brush, model set variant of same kit not released much ago, Revell – 03843 – Eurofighter “Luftwaffe 2020 Quadriga” with a very exclusive decal sheet and Revell – 03845 – Breguet Atlantic 1 “Italian Eagle” , which haven’t been released in a while and has been updated with new parts, as well as a very appealing and exclusive decal sheet for Italian Air Force.


A number of coming Hasegawa kits have been added, most of them will be released in next months, but a couple of them are already out, and you can always use pre-order from our partner https://www.hlj.com/.
Hasegawa – 02375 – UH-60J(SP) RESCUE HAWK “Sea Camouflage”
Hasegawa – 02376 – MITSUBISHI F-2A “8SQ 60th ANNIVERSARY”
Hasegawa – 02377 – F-14A TOMCAT “BLACK BUNNY/Low Visibility” (Released)
Hasegawa – 02381 – RF-4E PHANTOM II “501SQ 1994 ACM SPECIAL”
Hasegawa – 02379 – F-15DJ EAGLE “AGGRESSOR BLUE/WHITE”

Also today we have added a new coming kit by DreamModel, who has upgraded his Chengdu J-20 adding an interesting range of weapons payload, including 3D printed items in the new DreamModel – 720010BM – J-20 ‘MIGHTY DRAGON’ “BEAST MODE” (In Service).


Airfix is close to release another “Dog Fight” double box, Airfix – A50184 – Grumman F-4F4 Wildcat & Mitsubishi Zero (Dogfight Double)


Sword put two new Grumman TBF Avenger variants in the pipeline for this April month, Sword – SW72137 – Avenger/Tarpon Mk.I which include Royal Navy markings and Sword – SW72136 – TBF-1 Avenger over Midway and Guadalcanal with markings for the only Midway battle survivor and other 2 markings for 1942. The brand is re-stocking also Sword – 72098 – Harrier T.Mk.2/2A/4/4N.


ICM – 72178 – MiG-25PU Soviet Training Aircraft updated with sprue pictures.

AMP is releasing a Silbervogel, AMP – 72014 – Silbervogel Antipodal-Bomber. We are not great defenders of the paper panzers, but a new kit is a new kit, and we like new kits, it means manufacturers are alive and doing new things, and AMP is one of these nice manufacturers always looking to do something interesting not done before.


Mikro-Mir is releasing an interesting Mikro-Mir – 72019 – SNCASO SO 9050 “Trident II”, a French experimental/prototype interceptor aircraft of the 50s, which, a far as we know, only was previously modelled in 1/72 scale by Mach 2 time ago.


RS Models seems to have released already a second variant of the Messerschmitt P.1107 jet bomber, RS Models – 92259 – Me P.1107 Aufklärer. Considering even a single prototype was completed, two full models released with 8 markings in total, looks like enough for us.

SMĚR is about to release three “new” version of the MiG-21, using the KP moulds they acquired some ago. Smer – 925 – MIG-21MF VIETNAM WAR , Smer – 926 – MIG-21R and Smer – 924 – MIG-21MF.

Arma Hobby keeps taking advantage of their moulds with two new releases, Arma Hobby – 70034 – FM-2 Wildcat Training Cats and Arma Hobby – 70024 – Hurricane Mk I Allied Squadrons.


AZModel puts another large batch of Messerschmitt Bf 109, including the waited JOYPACK with three full models, without decals, for a few euros. They also have released two different markings boxes for the Bell X-2, a dammed research aircraft which killed two test pilot, and a third person in a mother aircraft during a glider flight test. All the new models are:
AZ Model – AZ7687 – Bf 109F-4/R1 “Cannon Pod”
AZ Model – AZ7686 – Bf 109F-4 “In Spain Services”
AZ Model – AZ7685 – Bf 109F-4 “JG.5 Eismeer”
AZ Model – AZ7681 – Bell X-2 “Starbuster” 6675
AZ Model – AZ7680 – Bell X-2 “Starbuster” 6674
AZ Model – AZ7666 – Bf 109E-4/7 “Night Fighter”

1/72 scale figures


Italeri releases this month a new playset, Italeri – 6197 – La Haye Sainte Waterloo 1815 – BATTLESET. There is nothing new in the box, but despite this, is a well bunch of Napoleonic figures (French and British) plus La Haye Sainte MDF building.


CMK (Czech Master Kits) has been sunsetted, the few resin figures we added in the past from the extensive range by the brand has been removed.


Looks like Strelets has released a single kit, Strelets – 241 – French Royal Horse Grenadiers as prelude of the next batch of figures from the brand. Another great addition to their growing range for the Spanish War of Succession period.

1/72 Scale Submarines

Hasegawa has released a new edition of the Shinkai 6500 Hasegawa – SP492 – MANNED SUBMERSIBLE RESEARCH VEHICLE SHINKAI 6500 w/30th ANNIVERSARY EMBLEM commemorating its 30th anniversary.

1/72 Scale Playsets

We have moved all the ESCI Series 500 (Adventures in history) to a single entry, instead of one entry per box, to make it easier find any appearance in Ebay. Now you can find all the boxes of this serie at ESCI Serie 500 Playsets (Adventures in history) with a Marketplace section at the end of the page. Every day these boxes are harder to find, specially completes or in good conditions. These kits are no longer listed under Playsets category.

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