September 2023, 1/72 scale news.

1/72 Scale Figures (Plastic Soldiers)


Continuing with the latest Strelets releases and focused in the War of the Spanish Succession we added today 4 new sets to the range, all devoted to Cuirassiers cavalry units and mainly covering Habsburg units. By order of their release time, firstly we recovered today to missed sets from late past year (2022), Strelets – 257 – Austrian Cuirassiers and Strelets – 258 – Bavarian Cuirassiers, both very similar except for the attitude of the poses, while the Austrian box depicts a charge, the Bavarian box depicts Cuirassiers waiting at the ready. In the latest (till date) batch of releases by Strelets we found Strelets – 268 – German States’ Cuirassiers in Skirmish which complements the previous two sets with Skirmish poses. All the three sets not only shares the excellent sculpture quality of all the War of the Spanish Succession Strelets series, but also can be used to cover the same topic, Central European Habsburg Cuirassiers, including Bavarian, Austrian or German States, who shared a similar appearance during the period. This bring a total of 36 different poses to depict the subject, which is an excellent coverage.

The last addition is for the counterpart Strelets – 259 – Dutch Cuirassiers.

1/72 Scale Aircraft model kits


Sword has been reissuing some time ago kits including a new canopy paint mask, as well as some new addition to their catalogue. We’ll be adding as many as we can soon, but just now we updated Sword – SW72090 – BAC 167 Strikemaster Mk.80A/88 adding pictures of box content, including parts, decal and the new paint mask. Also updated Sword – SW72081 – Lightning F.1/2 but sadly we did not find a picture of the new canopy paint mask included. Be careful when purchasing on Ebay, old editions without the mask can be on sale yet.


Continuing with Sword update just added today Sword – SW72146 – F-84F Thunderstreak and Sword – SW72147 – F-84F Thunderstreak, both are newly tooled but based on the 2018 kit Sword – 72116 – RF-84F Thunderflash but with new parts, as design between the fighter-bomber and the photo reconnaissance variant were noticeable.

In the late 2022, Sword released a third North American Sabreliner 1/72 scale kit, including some new parts for the new variant, Sword – SW72145 – T-39N Sabreliner, aded to listings now.

Last addition today, is the latest till date release of the brand (Sword), Sword – SW72148 – G4M1 Betty late version, and update with new parts of the previously released Sword – SW72144 – Mitsubishi G4M1 Model 11 “Betty”. Both kits are considered to be good kits though not recommended for beginner modelers.


One of the more awaited releases of the year was the Italeri kit Italeri – 1460 – AMX Ghibli, released for first time in 1/72 scale as injected plastic kit, and the expectation also of see another contemporary tooling by the Italian brand. Honestly the release might fit even most advanced modellers, everyone will find here a decently accurate model and well both tooled and engineered. In the few flaws it worth to mention you will find some confusion between decals, instruction sheet and payload present on the kit, and the lack of Brazilian markings.


Italeri did two more releases in 1/72 scale since we did not updated, one of them, a second “Complete set” repackage as is the Italeri – 72009 – F-16 C/D Night Falcon (Complete Set For Modeling) kit, a reissue of the original Italeri F-16 kit, with most of the parts coming from the 80s, and the last one is Italeri – 1470 – Jaguar T.2 R.A.F. Trainer, a reissue of the 2005 upgrade of a 1996 original kit.


Amodel has done several releases in the time we did not update, our first addition to get their listing up to date is a very big old friend of the brand, the awesome Amodel – 72042 – Ilyushin Il-76MD, based on earlier molds originally released in 2006 and updated several times. It’s not only a big model but also expensive and not recommended for non-experienced modelers.


Continuing with Amodel update, two related kits were added today, Amodel – 72382 – MU-300 Diamond and Amodel – 72384 – Beechjet-400XPR, both released earlier this year as new tool, with same plastic parts and little differences during the construction process.

1/72 Scale Vehicles model kits


Time to recover the few Italeri models issued since we updated the Italian brand for a last time. Firstly we added Italeri – 7034 – Sd. Kfz. 250/3, a reissue of an old ESCI kit (ESCI – 8369 – 8027 – Sd. Kfz. 250/3) already issued several times under Italeri brand, but sadly keeping all the original flaws of the kit, while the topic is a nice topic, Sd.Kfz. 250, the kit doesn’t fulfill expectations of contemporary modellers.


The second Italeri release in the category of vehicles is another old friend, an original ESCI kit tooled in the 80s, Italeri – 72004 – M1 Abrams – Complete Set For Modeling, reboxed in a “new” Italeri line named “Complete Set” which includes everything you need to finish the model, being a nice box to gift to someone who wants to try the hobby for first time, and with this objective in mind, the quality or problems of the kit is irrelevant as long as it’s good enough to start in the hobby.