1/72 – T-90MS – Model Collect – 72010


November 22, 2014 - By:

About tank T-90MS “Vladimir” – Russian tank, created on the basis of previous versions: T-90A and T-90S. [1] The weight of the tank 48 tons, length 9530 mm, width 3780 mm, height 2228 mm. Engine – multifuel diesel V12 B-92S2F2 power 1130l.s., Automatic transmission. The maximum speed on the road 65 km / h on […]

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BRAND NEW 1:72 Plastic Kit, Panzerkampfwagen VII Löwe (Armory)


November 7, 2014 - By:

Brand new kit of known Ukrainian company “Armory”. The company is known as a manufacturer of photo-etched and resin kits. This is their first all-plastic kit. I will not say much about this kit. Photos say more. In short: Quality casting unfortunately worse than what I expected. From other Ukrainian producers I could compare with a very […]

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28mm – Mantic Games – Dwarf Berserker Brock Riders Regiment


September 15, 2014 - By:

Dwarf Berserker Brock Riders Regiment Something different for today. A friend will assist next Weekend to the first Official Regional Tournament of “Kings of War” in Madrid (Spain). As he run out of time to bring his army fully painted to the tournament i offered my help painting this beautiful Dwarf regiment, mounted in Brocks […]

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1/72 – Revell – 03175 – M60 A3 w/ Dozer Blade


September 3, 2014 - By:

M60A3 w/ Dozer Blade The M60 Patton is a main battle tank (MBT)[2] introduced in December 1960.[3] With the United States Army’s deactivation of their last (M103) heavy tank battalion, the M60 became the Army’s primary tank[4] during the Cold War. Although developed from the M48 Patton, the M60 series was never officially classified as […]

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Painting in the tri-color camouflage on the example of the T-90MS. (with modulation)


September 1, 2014 - By:

Not so long ago on facebook I promised to show you in more detail how to paint a model in scale 72 in the tri-color camouflage. To make it more interesting, I used the color modulation technique. P.S. I offer my apologies for my not perfect English. I promise as soon as Ukraine joins the […]

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1/72 – ACE – 72130 – BREM-2 (БРЭМ-2)


August 27, 2014 - By:

BREM-2 Some history: ARV-2 – Soviet Armoured recovery vehicle, created based on the BMP-1.ARV-2 is designed in Design and Engineering Center of the USSR Defense Ministry in Kiev. Issued on the basis of requiring overhaul of BMP-1.The machine is intended for emergency evacuation infantry fighting vehicles. About kit:  This kit as all other kits of […]

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28mm – Polish Renaissance & Cossack Flags.


August 11, 2014 - By:

Polish & cossacks Flags. Polish Renaissance Army I was looking for some decent Cossack flags as well as some flags for my Haiduks regiments, but at the end i didn’t found any commercial ones of my taste. If you have been following my work for this period, you know i already used Battle-Flags.com ones but […]

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