28mm – Mantic Games – Dwarf Berserker Brock Riders Regiment


September 15, 2014 - By:

Dwarf Berserker Brock Riders Regiment Something different for today. A friend will assist next Weekend to the first Official Regional Tournament of “Kings of War” in Madrid (Spain). As he run out of time to bring his army fully painted to the tournament i offered my help painting this beautiful Dwarf regiment, mounted in Brocks […]

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Painting in the tri-color camouflage on the example of the T-90MS. (with modulation)


September 1, 2014 - By:

Not so long ago on facebook I promised to show you in more detail how to paint a model in scale 72 in the tri-color camouflage. To make it more interesting, I used the color modulation technique. P.S. I offer my apologies for my not perfect English. I promise as soon as Ukraine joins the […]

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28mm – Polish Renaissance & Cossack Flags.


August 11, 2014 - By:

Polish & cossacks Flags. Polish Renaissance Army I was looking for some decent Cossack flags as well as some flags for my Haiduks regiments, but at the end i didn’t found any commercial ones of my taste. If you have been following my work for this period, you know i already used Battle-Flags.com ones but […]

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Zvezda – 5003 – RT-2PM TOPOL / SS-25 SICKLE “The last argument”


June 26, 2014 - By:

A little about machine: The RT-2PM Topol (Russian: РТ-2ПМ Тополь (“Poplar”); NATO reporting name SS-25 Sickle; GRAU designation: 15Ж58 (“15Zh58″);  is a mobile intercontinental ballistic missile designed in the Soviet Union and in service with Russia’s Strategic Missile Troops. The three stage solid propellant RT-2PM Topol is an improved mobile ICBM which replaced earlier outdated […]

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28mm – The Assault Group – Krakow Militia


June 23, 2014 - By:

28mm – The Assault Group – Krakow Militia Polish Renaissance Army Renaissance is a period full of interesting units, some times everything looks the same, pikes and muskets in a sort of colours populated all the armies from Germany to England. Eastern topics and Ottoman empire add a touch of colour and a well bunch […]

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28mm – Renaissance Artillery.


June 22, 2014 - By:

28mm – Renaissance Artillery. The Assault Group – Warlord – Bicorne – Lead Adventure Polish Renaissance Army A nice mix of brands to make a whole artillery battery for the Polish Renaissance Army. It includes from “super” heavy pieces to the very small Cossack sled guns, and a mix of artillery crews in eastern/Cossack style […]

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First to Fight – 03 – Polish C2P Tractor + ACE – 72533 – Wz.36 (Done)


June 21, 2014 - By:

The artillery tractor C2P was based on modified chassis of TKS tankette. The production began in 1937 and more than 200 (270?) were completed. In Polish Army C2P tractors were used only for towing 40mm wz.36 Bofors AA-guns and ammunition trailers. Some captured were later used by Germans. Few words about kit. Model of the […]

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1/72 – Trumpeter – 07205 – SD Kfz 184 Ferdinand (“Reconnaissance” vignette)


May 25, 2014 - By:

For a long time I wanted to make vignette with a simple plot. Finally, it is true. About the story of vignette: “before the next attack, the officer explains mission to the crew of spg.” Ferdinand from Trumpeter. Very high quality model, though rather old. Going without difficulty. Camouflage took normal for these machines “green […]

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1/72 ACE – 72127 – BTR-ZD Airborbne AD vehicle “Screzhet” ( eng. Gritting) – InBox Review


April 30, 2014 - By:

Some history: BTR-ZD “Skrezhet” (ZD stands for Zenitno Desantnyi) – BTR-D airborne troop carrier converted into an airborne air defence vehicle for carrying two MANPAD teams. The vehicle is fitted with racks for spare MANPAD missiles. It also is fitted with external stowage rails for a MANPAD on the right hand side of the roof […]

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1/72 Roden – 712 – 15cm Panzerwerfer 42 Auf.Sf (Finished model)


April 23, 2014 - By:

Some history. The German Panzerwerfer is one of two different types of half-tracked multiple rocket launchers employed by Nazi Germany during the Second World War. The two self-propelled artillery vehicles are the 15 cm Panzerwerfer 42 auf Selbstfahrlafette Sd.Kfz.4/1 (based on the Opel Maultier, or “mule”, half-track) and 15 cm Panzerwerfer 42 auf Schwerer Wehrmachtsschlepper […]

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