Unfortunately MiniArt stopped their 1/72 figures range long time ago and their range is not huge, although they have covered reasonably well European warfare in XV century, specially oriented to Burgundy wars, and there are three interesting sets for the late Roman Empire.
We personally own several of these sets (some medievals, hussite and Roman Cavalry), and we must advice that some of them, (this was wrote in 2013, sets were brought 3 years ago) have the mould displaced, so figures presents a terrible mould line. This defect is not present in PSR sprue, neither in the sprue showed in MiniArt’s site (neither in all of our sets). What is common is flash in all of our sets.
Even this, some figures are very valuable, as well as other accessories as rams, ladders or Hussite’s wagons.
As MiniArt is still a very active company in 1/35 scale and also (recently) making buildings in 1/72 scale, we dream with new 1/72 figures by the Ukrainian brand.