June 2024, 1/72 scale plastic model kits news



New model and new brand that joins the 1/72 scale family. Magic Factory from China is about to release their first 1/72 scale model, Magic Factory – 3001 – Sd.Kfz.234/2 PUMA, a kit that features several interesting details as all openable hatches and different wheels types to chose from. The kit is expected for later this month.

ACE is about to release ACE – 72188 – Tiger-M with heavy MG module Arbalet (Ukrainian Army), updating their previous kit with new parts for the Arbalet weapons station.

Just added latest First to Fight model, First to Fight – 110 – German Command Car Sd.Kfz.247 Ausf.B With Radio, a variant of the previous First to Fight – 101 – German armored car Sd.Kfz. 247 Ausf. B with MG34.


Updated Zvezda – 5077 – T-62 Main Battle Tank with instructions sheet and markings detail picture.


We had no news from PST for a long time, but they are just releasing now PST – 72091 – Pz.Kpfw. 754 (r) E Heavy Tank which seems to be just a small update of kit Pst – 72037 – Pz.Kpfw.754(r) Heavy Tank but at least they are alive.


The last batch of IBG models is out for release and include an interesting IBG – 72145 – DAC Mk.II British Armoured Car, though just an update of the previous IBG – 72144 – DAC Mk.I British Armoured Car it extends the coverage of the topic with another really nice and well done kit.


We had opportunity to take a close look to First to Fight – 106 – Sd.Kfz 138/1 “GRILLE” AUSF.H.



Took us a well part of the day add the next batch of Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) kits which are ready to hit on stores. As usual, the brand can’t release a single kit or two, but 10 new references were added today, focusing in the 3 different aircrafts:

Except the L-29 all of them are new tools for this year, as the real thing, Ni-11 and Ni-16 are almost same kit with the little differences between the two aircrafts, the engine, engine cowling and head rest for pilot are all the parts you can expect to change from one kit to the other. The L-29 is an original AvantGarde tool of 2016 also released by Eduard.


Another small batch of ESCI oldies, time for the C-130 Hercules kit, which sadly can’t be considered a very good kit. ESCI/Ertl released three variants of the C-130, ESCI – 9101 – AC-130H Spectre II, ESCI – 9102 – C130H Hercules (C-130H) and ESCI – 9103 – Hercules MkI/II. From these only the Gunship was later reissued by Italeri.

Eduard brings three “new” 1/72 scale models for this month, Eduard – 7096 – L-29 Delfin (The old AvantGarde Models kit also issued this month by Kovozávody), Eduard – 2146 – B-26F/G Marauder, limited edition of the Hasegawa kit and Eduard – 70159 – Bf 109G-6, ProfiPACK edition of the G-6 kit.


Great Wall Hobby adds two more MiG 29s to their catalogue, Great Wall Hobby (GWH) – L7213 – MiG-29 9-13 Fulcrum C and Great Wall Hobby (GWH) – L7211 – MiG 29 9-12 Fulcrum Early Type obviously both based in their previous releases and sharing a well amount of parts. These kits doesn’t include PE parts and markings and quite conventional, including 3 Soviet markings, 2 Russian markings and one North Korean marking for the 9-13 being this one the more appealing. The big odd of these kits without doubt is their high price.

Amodel is releasing a second Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante, AModel – 72399 – EMB-110P Bandeirante, with a new decal sheet including a single marking for AeroCaribbean regional airliner, a very nice livery that invites to start to think in holidays. Amodel is also issuing A-Model – 72388 – Challenger CL-600, which is a reissue of the excellent Big Planes kits, Big Plane Kits – 7209 – Canadair Challenger CL-601 and others, with a new decal sheet. A highly recommendable kit.

Clear Prop Models adds another excellent kit to their catalogue, Clear Prop Models – 72019 – DH.88 Comet, including the iconic marking of the winner of the 1934 England-Australia MacRobertson Air Race. The kit is so good as you expect from Clear Prop, a luxury kit full of detail.

The first of an interesting trio of Sova novelties is about to release, Sova-M – 72061 – EMB-111AN “Bandeirulha”, based in the Amodel Embraer EMB 110 Bandeirante with new parts.


RS Models has a new batch of releases and reissues for June. The reissued kits are RS Models – 92191 – Curtiss Hawk II and RS Models – 92250 – Airspeed Envoy (Cheetah engine). There is one limited edition released for the Plastic People of Tovačov model show, RS Models – 94026 – P-38J Lightening Battle over Moravia 1944 and one more P-38J for the 80th anniversary D-Day, RS Models – 94031 – P-38J Lightening D-Day Lt. Col. Cyril Wilson. The last release is an update of the He-280 V3 kit with a new decal sheet, RS Models – 92290 – Heinkel He-280 V3.


The main part of the last IBG Models update is for this section, including IBG – 72530 – Romanian Barbarossa 2 in 1: P.11F and PZL 23A, IBG – 72526 – PZL P.11a Hungarian Colours, IBG – 72547 – Luftwaffe Starter Cart and Transport Crate for Engine (Jumo 213 Included) and IBG – 72907 – Mi-17 in Polish Air Force. Strictly they are not really “new” products but they are interesting anyway, in particular the set IBG – 72547 – Luftwaffe Starter Cart and Transport Crate for Engine (Jumo 213 Included), a kind of set not usual in 1/72 scale and which shows how detailed the line of FW190D kits by IBG was, including the Jumo 213 engine from them. The Mi-17 kit is a reissue of Hobby Boss kit with new decal sheet.

The time ago announced Litaki – 72002 – NJ-22 Orao (two seat trainer variant of the J-22) is about to hit stores.


Added today a new batch by Special Hobby with three new releases, all of them based on previous kits. The new additions are Special Hobby – 72488 – Nakajima Ki-43-III Hayabusa “Fighter and Special Attack Units”, Special Hobby – 72498 – Gloster Meteor Mk.4 “RAF and KLu” and Special Hobby – 72075 – CH-37 Mojave “US Army”.

Added a forthcoming Hasegawa kit, Hasegawa – 02473 – H8K2 Type 2 Flying Boat Model 12 “901st Flying Group”. The H8K starts to be an aged mold, dated in the 60s, but remains as the only option for this nice flying boat.

The Japanese brand (Hasegawa) will be reissuing soon Hasegawa – 02475 – X-29 NASA, and exact reproduction of kit code number 02206 with same content. There are some more coming kits and reissues at brand’s page.


Airfix is doing this year a laudable effort to produce new products oriented for new comers, young modelers and very beginners, and effort that it’s a benefit for the hobby. The brand has tooled two new aircraft this years with number of parts just around 30, as well as the just today added RNLI Shannon Class lifeboat. The brand keep exploiting this new tools in packages oriented for such customers, as the newly added Airfix – A50193 – P-51D Mustang vs Bf109F-4 Dogfight Double and Airfix – A50194 – Supermarine Spitfire Mk.Vc vs Bf109F-4 Dogfight Double. The Bf109F-4 and the P-51D are very recent tools and the Spitfire Mk.Vc was tooled in 2020 in the same purpose (just 26 parts). This double boxes include also paints, brushes and glue and are an excellent gift if you want to temp someone into modeling without get him/her frustrated in the first model.


Another Airfix coming set in the same line we spoke yesterday is the coming Airfix – A55016 – Starter Set Eurofighter Typhoon FGR.4, another new tool of 2024 in an easy to build format with just 43 plastic parts for a full Eurofighter Typhoon.



Excellent news, added the first two sets of a batch of four new sets released by Strelets-R, Strelets – 260 – Austrian infantry on the march 1701-1714 and Strelets – 261 – Austrian Infantry 1701-1714 In Attack, both devoted for the same topic, the Austrian Infantry during the The War of the Spanish Succession focused on marching and in attack poses, leaving a gap for the firing line that we hope will be released some day.


Addressed today the other two Strelets releases, Strelets – 274 – Bavarian Infantry in square and Strelets – M159 – Early WWII US Infantry in combat.

Sci-Fi & Anime

Meng is working to release a second Dune Ornithopter, time for the Harkonnen version, Meng – DS-009 – Harkonnen Ornithopter (Dune), expected for July. In the meanwhile if you are a fan of the epic sci-fiction universe of Dune Meng – DS-007 – ATREIDES ORNITHOPTER is widely available.

Recovered another Bandai kit from the Macross Delta series, Bandai – 07587 – Sv-262Hs Draken III (Keith Aero Windermere use).


Recovered today another of those early 80s Anime kits, Bandai – 1/72 Nausicaä W/Gunship, originally tooled by Tsukuda Hobby in 1984 the same year that the film based on the novels was aired, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. The kit was later reissued by Bandai in 2004, and that’s the variant we added today.

Ships and Submarines


It doesn’t happens often that we can add a new tool kit in the ships and submarines section, so the coming Airfix – A55015 – Starter Set RNLI Shannon Class Lifeboat is a very welcome addition to our listings.