September 2022, 1/72 scale news.




The first real news of the month goes for Eduard, which bring this month three new releases based on existing kits by the brand. The new references are Eduard – 70122 – Spitfire F Mk. IX ProfiPACK (re-issue), Eduard – 70152 – Avia S-199 ERLA canopy (Profipack) (Seen in the Eduard – 2141 – MEZEK DUAL COMBO combo box) and Eduard – 7464 – Bf 110E (Weekend Edition) a reissue with new decals of the old code 7419 not seen since 2013.

By the end of this month, the delayed release of IBG – 72522 – PZL/IAR P.11F Romanian Fighter on skis will happen, but there is much more by IBG and we’ll add it shortly.


Hobby 2000 adds six new releases for this month, four from Hasegawa kits and two from Dragon kits, Hobby 2000 – H2K72057 – B-26B/C Marauder 12th AF MTO, Hobby 2000 – H2K72058 – B-26B Marauder 9th AF ETO, Hobby 2000 – H2K72059 – Dornier Do 335 A-0 Pfeil, Hobby 2000 – H2K72060 – Dornier Do 335 A-1 Pfeil, Hobby 2000 – H2K72062 – A-1H Skyraider and Hobby 2000 – H2K72063 – A-1J Skyraider. As always they are repacked with new Cartograf decals and paint mask. This announce joins the two previously Arma Hobby (both brands works together) models expected for this month, Arma Hobby – 70055 – P-39Q Airacobra and Arma Hobby – 70041 – P-51B Mustang.

Both AZ Model and KP will crack the month with a combined 16 new releases number, impressive. They should start to appear in the next weeks, as they were announced as available this weekend in some model expo. We’ll need time to add the 16 references, but to start with, a newly tooled kit by AZ Model for the Heinkel He 162 Volksjäger the “People’s Fighter”. AZ Model – AZ7821 – Heinkel He 162A-2 “Salamander”, AZ Model – AZ7825 – Heinkel He 162A-9 “Salamander” JV44, AZ Model – AZ7826 – Heinkel He 162D “Salamander” and AZ Model – AZ7827 – Heinkel He 162C “Salamander”. Too much what-if for our personal taste.

AZ Model also brings back the Fiat CR-32 mould, tooled in 2019, releasing AZ Model – AZ7829 – Fiat CR-32 CN “Freccia” later this month.


Airfix has a long queue of models to appear in the next weeks/months, we just added two more, Airfix – A08014 – Douglas Dakota C-47 Skytrain, the brand is re-issuing the very successful kit tooled in 2014, considered as the best C-47 in 1/72 scale. From ancient times, the brand recovers Airfix – A03017V – DHC Beaver (de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver) as part of the “Vintage Classics” series. It’s an interesting aircraft but the kit is not so much, dated from 1971.

Also added today the last three references by AZ Model to complete the coming offer for this month, AZ Model – AZ7830 – Hansa Brandenburg B.I, AZ Model – AZ7832 – Messerschmitt Bf 109G-5 AS and AZ Model – AZ7831 – Kawasaki Ki-78 “Kensan”.

Academy has two new models, Academy – 12576 – F-104C STARFIGHTER VIETNAM, very close to release, and Academy – 12577 – F/A-18F VFA-154 BLACK KNIGHTS expected for next month.


Valom adds two new models, both based on previous releases, Valom – 72160 – DH.91 Albatross (Franklin, Faraday) and Valom – 72161 – DH.95 Lady of Henon. This time they addressed the RAF decals problems of the kit Valom – 72129 – DH.91 Albatross (RAF), with the proper decals for the RAF mail-planes, we don’t know if it also includes new fuselage parts.


A number of new Hasegawa updates for the next months, Hasegawa – 02416 – AICHI E13A1 TYPE 0 SEAPLANE RECONNAISSANCE PLANE TYPE 11 KONGO MOUNTED PLANE W/CATAPULT, expected for November, Hasegawa – 02417 – F/A-18E Super Hornet “VFA-87 Golden Warriors CAG 2019” a limited edition with new decals expected for November, Hasegawa – 02419 – F-15J Eagle “204Sq NAHA Air Base 40th Anniversary” expected for December, Hasegawa – 02420 – F-35 Lighting II (A Version) “65th Aggressor Squadron” with just new decals, also expected for December, Hasegawa – 02421 – MV-22B Osprey “VMM-265 Dragons 2022” again expected for December and Hasegawa – 02418 – NAKAJIMA KI-49 HYAKUSHIKI HEAVY BOMBER DONRYU TYPE I HAMAMATSU FLIGHT SCHOOL, also expected for December.

Also updated box image for Hasegawa – 02412 – F-35 LIGHTNING II (TYPE B) PROTOTYPE.


Added markings detail images and decal sheet image to the coming Arma Hobby – 70041 – P-51B Mustang.


Special Hobby bring this month two new tooled kits, Special Hobby – 72471 – Aero 11 L-BUCD, a very Czechoslovak topic, and the expected Special Hobby – 72352 – Mirage IIICJ, with enters in direct competition with the not very long ago released kits by Modelsvit, for example Modelsvit – 72062 – Mirage IIICJ. Modelsvit kits were celebrated by community, usually the brand who tools later, Special Hobby in this case, has the advantage of be able to correct flaws of competitors, we’ll need to wait a bit to see comments and comparisons between both kits. The new kits should be available by the end of the month.

Added high resolution pictures of the box content for Big Planes Kits – 7222 – P-8A Poseidon provided by Big Planes Kits showing how excellent this kit looks like.


The next batch of IBG Models is close to release and it includes two new 1/72 Scale Aircraft models, IBG – 72588 – Fw 190D-9 Prototype (Limited Edition), the sixth release of the popular 1/72 Fw 190D kit series tooled this year and IBG – 72903 – MiG-29 in Polish Air Force (Early Service), which is a repack of Trumpeter kit with new decals and 3D printed parts for cockpit detail. In this way, the brand announced a new line of 3D Detail parts kits. The kit IBG – 72522 – PZL/IAR P.11F Romanian Fighter on skis, which was delayed in the last batch, will be released now too, product page has been updated with 3D renders of the model and markings detail.


Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) officially has released their next batch of models with 8 new releases. Four of them, are re-decals of previous kits, and we have started by adding those. Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0333 – Salmson Sal.2 A2 “In French Services”, three new decals for the Salmson Sal.2 kit, tooled earlier this year, Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0350 – Alpha Jet A “Luftwaffe”, one more in the large series started in 2021, Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0351 – Praga E-114B “Air Baby”, new decals for this kit tooled in 2018, and Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0349 – Cessna UC-78 “Bobcat”, also tooled in 2018. The next four releases which we’ll add soon, are devote to the Aermacchi M-345 and his parent develop SIAI-Marchetti S.211 in a newly tooled line.

The remaining four new releases are added now, Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0345 – Leonardo M-345, Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0346 – SIAI S-211, Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0347 – SIAI S-211 “In other services” and Kovozávody Prostějov (KP) – KPM0348 – SIAI M-311. They are all based in the same tool.


Sword models is about to release a new tool, the Japanese WWII bomber Mitsubishi G4M, Sword – SW72144 – Mitsubishi G4M1 “Betty”, till now a subject only available in Hasegawa range. The kit is expected to be completed by late this month and released in October.

Updated the just released AZ Model Heinkel He 162 kits with sprue images, AZ Model – AZ7821 – Heinkel He 162A-2 “Salamander”, AZ Model – AZ7825 – Heinkel He 162A-9 “Salamander” JV44, AZ Model – AZ7826 – Heinkel He 162D “Salamander” and AZ Model – AZ7827 – Heinkel He 162C “Salamander”. Looks like all the different wings parts will be included in all the variants.


There are still some more Airfix kits to advance for this Autumn, to add to the large list already commented above earlier this month.

With this batch the announced Airfix 2022 new range. is almost complete, with the exception of another Vintage Classics that we’ll add soon.

Added images of the new 3D Printed parts that will be included in the coming IBG – 72903 – MiG-29 in Polish Air Force (Early Service).


Great Wall Hobby (G.W.H) is releasing two limited editions of their both excellent kits F-15 and F-14, both for fighter squadrons nicknamed “Grim Reapers” but different squadrons, Great Wall Hobby (GWH) – S7205 – Anniversary of F-15 45 Years in Europe and Great Wall Hobby (GWH) – S7204 – VF-101 GRIM REAPERS F-14B LIMITED EDITION. Chinese sellers are already offering both kits, which are considered as deluxe kits in 1/72 scale.

A&A Models will be releasing soon A&A Models – 7226 – Beechcraft 350 “Super King Air”, note that this kit is totally different from the previously released A&A Models – 7224 – Beechcraft 200 Super King Air as differences between the B200 and B350 are notable, though both are part of the Super King Air family.


Sova-M adds two more kits to the close future, Sova-M – 72032 – Messerschmitt Bf-109W-1, which complements the work done with Sova-M – 72039 – Bf-109W-2 and Sova-M – 72046 – Fairchild T-46A “Eaglet”, the last Fairchild project before defunct, cancelled with not clear reasons in the middle of funds cut during the 80s in the U.S. Defence budget.


ICM announced a 100% newly tooled kit, ICM – 72203 – Ki-21-Ib “Sally”, the Ki-21 was an important Japanese bomber of the war, with over 2000 units built, but till now in 1/72 scale there was few options to build it, an old Revell-Japan kit from 70s, lost time ago, and a not very successful MPM kit from the early 2000s. ICM only shared 3D renders by now, the kit is expected for mid-late next month.

Hobby Boss adds a new variant of the Lockheed U-2, Hobby Boss – 87271 – U-2C Dragon Lady, with new parts for the C variant differences and new decal sheet.

Xtrakit is about to release two new models, after several years without new releases, for those who doesn’t know, is the associated brand of Hannants, the popular store, and produced by well known makers such Sword Models. The two new releases are for the same topic, the first world jet float-plane aircraft, the Saunders-Roe SR.A/1, Xtrakit – 72017 – Saunders-Roe SRA-1 and Xtrakit – 72018 – Saunders-Roe SRA-1 “What if?”. Of course the best way to acquire these kits is at Hannants.


Updated the coming Sword – SW72144 – Mitsubishi G4M1 Model 11 “Betty” with more images of the kit parts, including resin parts for engines.


RS Models is about to release three new limited editions of previously released kits. These kits will presents the next weekend in the Czech 20th Eday 2022 contest, and so the releases focuses in Czechoslovak markings. The new kits added are RS Models – 94010 – Aero Ab-101, RS Models – 94011 – Aero A-101 and RS Models – 94009 – Yak-11 / C-11.


Kora Models released two new kits for the German Udet U 12 Flamingo, a quite popular aircraft of the late 20s. The kits are Kora – KPK72163 – BFW Udet U-12A “Flamingo” (German, Turkish, Chinese service) and Kora – KPK72164 – BFW Udet U-12A Flamingo German trainer biplane.

Eduard officially advanced October releases but sadly the 1/72 scale offer is limited to the reissue of Eduard – 70144 – MiG-21PFM (Profipack), an excellent kit with all the usual extras of ProfiPACK editions such paint mask and PE parts.

Revell has announced for this year the reissue of the old Revell – 03824 – AH-64A Apache tooled in 1990 and also issued in the Matchbox line. There is some confusion about this release since brand itself labelled it as 1/144 scale and many other sites did so, but in fact is the old 1990 1/72 scale kit and apparently keeping the same marking in the decal sheet, we’ll update if more info is available. The kit will be released also as model set. The old kit is still quite available, by two main reasons, the old AH-64A is not the more demanded one as modellers looks for more contemporary upgraded versions of the Apache, and secondly, the kit did not brighted in 1990 by its accuracy.

Updated RS Models – 94009 – Yak-11 / C-11 with more sprue images including clear parts. Also updated Hobby Boss – 87271 – U-2C Dragon Lady with sprue images.



AMG (Arsenal Model Group) has released a small but nice AMG (Arsenal Model Group) – 72802 – Russo-Balt Type “C” 1914. Seems to happen that two code numbers have been used for it, at least box cover images with different numbers appeared. The brand produces nice models but always has been bit chaotic about the catalogue organization, and their website is one of the many not offering updates years ago though the brand remains operative. The other main problem is the short production and distribution.


New Hasegawa combo box with two old models from 70s, Hasegawa – 30068 – M4A3E8 SHERMAN & M24 CHAFFEE , expected for the end of the year, mid-late December.


Vespid Models announced a new variant based in their popular Panther G kit (Vespid Models – 720003 – Pz.Kpfw.V “Panther” Ausf.G Late Production), Vespid – VS720013 – Flakpanzer 341 3.7cm Flakvierling auf Panther G Fahrgestell expected for late next month.


Added sprue pictures to the coming Trumpeter – 07194 – MAZ-537G intermediate type with MAZ/ChMZAP 5247G semi-trailer.


By the end of the month IBG will be releasing one of the more important batches of the year, together with the three aircraft kits announced above five new releases will populate the 1/72 scale vehicles section. The new models are IBG – 72089 – Type 95 “Ha-Go” “Manchu” suspension, IBG – 72062 – Toldi Pancelvadasz Hungarian Tank Destroyer, IBG – 72110 – Centaur Dozer Tank, IBG – 72094 – 3Ro Italian Truck Troop Carrier and IBG (The World At War) – WAW015 (W-015) – A10 Mk.I British Cruiser Tank. Though all of them are based on previous releases they all are good additions to the range, we specially like the Type 95 variant and the Italian 3Ro.


Trumpeter keeps taking advantage of the M983 tractor kit and announces Trumpeter – 07177 – M983 Tractor with AN/TPY-2 X Band Radar which is an excellent complement for previous releases such the Trumpeter – 07176 – Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) or the Trumpeter – 07157 – M983 HEMTT & M901 Launching Station of MIM-104F Patriot SAM System (PAC-3). Kit is expected for next month.

By their side, Hobby Boss, introduces a very actual topic, Hobby Boss – 82928 – 2S19-M2 Self-propelled Howitzer, a modernization of the 2S19 introduced in 2013 and seen in action during the war in Ukraine.


UM (Unimodels) adds three new models that will appear widely in the next days, UM – 555 – Panzer IV mit 7,5cm KwK L/70 mit Schmalturn, UM – 464 – T35 Gun Motor Carriage and UM – 290 – Pz Kpfw III Ausf. E tank.

First to Fight is about to release a new Hotchkiss H35, First to Fight – 094 – Hotchkiss H35 Z Armata 37 mm SA38, but according to our sources

Sci-Fi and Anime


Together with the large list of Aircraft kits by Hasegawa added yesterday (see the Aircraft section above), the Japanese brand is working in a new Macross kit in 1/72 scale, Hasegawa – 65880 – VF-1J ARMORED VALKYRIE OPERATION BULLSEYE PART 2, based in the previous armoured valkyries releases updated with new parts and new decals. This release is not expected till the very late of the year, and probably not distributed outside Japan till the next year.



It was not our intention to start a news article for this month reporting that we added seven new (old from the 80s) references to the ESCI 1/72 scale kits list, but it has happened so. The kits added cover the F-16 series released by the Italian brand, which at the time, was considered the best F-16 kit in 1/72 scale, and remains as an interesting option for the A/B variants (which worth it to build), block 1, 5, 10 or 15 upgrades. The kits added are:


Updated IBG Models 2022 Catalogue with all the releases of September, which seems to be a deviation from the original plans of the year, and puts in doubt if all the announced releases will happen within they year, specially on the vehicle section and the Diamond T truck variants.