August 2022, 1/72 Scale new.



RS-Models is about to re-release RS Models – 92183 – Flettner 282 B-0, it could happen with a new code number as the brand usually does. We’ll follow the events. The Me-509 kits are being also restocked, RS Models – 92203 – Messerschmitt Me 509 and RS Models – 92209 – Me-509 “Nachtjäger”. The last batch announced by the brand is about to reach distributors and available, including RS Models – 92274 – Nakajima Ki-201 “Karyu” and RS Models – 92275 – Dornier Do 17 P “Ostfront”, RS Models – 92276 – Junkers Ju-86P and RS Models – 92277 – Junkers Ju 86R.

Amodel is about to release 5 new models after months of silence. The new models coming, and expected for late this month are Amodel – 72380 – Da-42 Twin Star (updated with new parts previous kits), Amodel – NA72015 – P-15/P-15M Termit with PE details and transport cart and then a trio of Antonov An-14, Amodel – 72379 – An-14 NATO code “Clod”, Amodel – 72224 – An-14 NATO code “Clod” and Amodel – 72383 – An-14 NATO code “Clod”. We have little information about box content for those last three, we’ll update if possible in the future.

Good news from Avis too, looks like the two long time waited Bristol Bullfinch kit are about to happen by the end of the month, Avis – 72052 – Bristol Bullfinch-I and Avis – 72053 – Bristol Bullfinch-II.

Also Big Planes Kits has novelties with the second edition of the espectacular Boeing 737-800 kit, Big Plane Kits – 7219 – Boeing 737-800 KLM.


Italeri is commemorating its 60th anniversary (the name of the company was Italaerei at the beginning) and releases a Italeri – 0106 – Caproni Ca. 313/314 Vintage Special Anniversary Edition which reproduces the original box art and package with reprinted decals. Is not confirmed yet if the brand will do the same for more 1/72 scale models. The Italaerei moulds are the only in 1/72 scale for the Caproni Ca.313 and they have not been released since the early 2000s.

ModelCollect announces a new kit, part of the “Fist of War” series, though this time the kit belong to a real design, the ModelCollect – UA72218 – Horten HoXVIII-A Intercontinental Amerikabomber (Fist of War). It’s unconfirmed when the kit will be ready.

Hasegawa announced three new kits in 1/72 scale, expected for October/November, Hasegawa – 02415 – F-15DJ Eagle “Aggressor Minokasago”, Hasegawa – 02414 – UH-60J(SP) Rescue Hawk “Naha Air Rescue 40th Anniversary” and Hasegawa – 02413 – AIR TECHNICAL FACTORY P1Y1-S GINGA TYPE 11 NIGHT FIGHTER “302ND AIR GROUP”, all of them limited editions of existing kits. The UH-60 seems to be adding new parts and PE parts.

As we speak of Hasegawa, the previous added batch is not yet released, Hasegawa – 30067 – TIGER I & PANTHER G GERMAN ARMY MAIN BATTLE TANK COMBO, Hasegawa – 02412 – F-35 LIGHTNING II (TYPE B) PROTOTYPE and Hasegawa – 65878 – REGULT (WITH SMALL MISSILE POD), but they are expected for late this month or early next one.


Mirage Hobby is about to release a re-pack of their PZL W-3 Sokół kit as “Model Set” with brush, glue and paints. The new release is Mirage Hobby – 872096 – PZL W-3RL Sokół (Model Set).


The major release by Airfix for this year, Airfix – A04064 – Gloster Meteor F.8, is getting close and we already had details enough to add the product page. This is a new tool that replaces the older F.8 kit.


Great news as Roden announced a new 1/72 scale kit, Roden – 063 – North American AJ-1 Savage, till now only available in the Match 2 catalogue. The 3D renders of the kit looks great and promising. The kit is expected for late September or October.


Special Hobby will be re-releasing this month Special Hobby – 72323 – Fouga CM-175 Zéphyr.



Also from the “Fist of War” series ModelCollect announces a new vehicle, ModelCollect – UA72350 – German Ausf. vierfüßler 2cm Flakvierling 38 (Fist of War). It’s unconfirmed when the kit will be ready.


ICM keep working and is about to release a new variant of the ZiL-131 truck, ICM – 72815 – APA-50М(ZiL-131) Airfield mobile electric unit. The kit is expected soon, late this month or early September. This is the fifth variant released by ICM using the ZiL-131 chassis which is a pretty decent coverage of the topic.

First to Fight announced a new Polish WWII small cart, First to Fight – 093 – Biedka Wz. 33 Under CKM Wz.30, which indeed is a very nice small model with the inclusion of a walking Polish soldier figure as well as the machine gun and some other tools loaded in the cart.



Linear-A adds two more sets to the batch of releases, Linear-A – 031 – Peloponnesian War Sicilian Expedition 415-413 BC The Army of Athens Set 1 and Linear-A – 036 – Battle of Cunaxa Persian Cavalry SET 3, together with the previous two, Linear-A – 051 – Peloponnesian War Sicilian Expedition 415-413 BC SYRACUSE ARMY Set 1 (the box cover has been updated for this set) and Linear-A – 038 – Rome’s early period The Roman Army under King Servius Tullius 6th Century BC Set 1. All of them can already be ordered. All the batch is full of nice figures, but we specially want to mention the excellent work done in the Persian Cavalry set.



Updated Hasegawa – 65878 – REGULT (WITH SMALL MISSILE POD) with its definitive box cover. The kit is expected for very late August/early September in the Japanese market.



We start the last journey of the Matchbox quest by adding two more references today, Matchbox – 40119 – Wellesley Mk.I and Matchbox – PK-123 (40123) – Wellesley Mk.I. Only a handful of references remains to go (seven to be exact).


One less in the Matchbox list as we add today Matchbox – PK-402 (40402) – Wellington Mk.X/Mk.XIV, as well as the pair of A-7 Corsair released by the brand, Matchbox – 40137 – Corsair A-7D and Matchbox – PK-101 (40101) – A-7D Corsair II.


The end for the Matchbox quest is really close, with another pair of references added today, Matchbox – 40143 – Yakovlev Yak-15 (an original Pioneer 2 kit) and Matchbox – PK-14 (40014) – F4U-4 Corsair, a classic kit in catalogue since 1972. Also added Matchbox – PK-108 (4018) – Westland Aerospatiale Lynx.

And finally Matchbox – PK-7 (40007) – Westland Lysander.

Only one kit remains to add of the Matchbox aircrafts kits in 1/72 scale, the strange F/A-18, code number 40419, so pretty hard to find that looks like it never existed, but did, and in fact it’s an Italeri F/A-18 re-boxed, the only time this happened. As soon as we can find a proper box cover image, will publish this last entry.

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